Friday, 12 May 2017


Swimming by Jack Rawlings
It was a cold cloudy day but not enough for it to rain. I was sitting on our couch when I started getting a little bored. And then I had an idea - I could go for a  swim. But when I looked outside, it was pouring down. ‘There's no way i'm going swimming  out there,’ I thought. But part of me wanted to go out there, so I decided that I would go out for a swim.

I went to get changed into my togs. They were soggy and wet, and not very comfortable. I knew it was going to be cold so I slowly advanced towards the pool. At that moment, a leaf slowly drifted down like a helicopter (except a lot quieter), and landed in the water with a noise so quiet you could hardly hear it. It was creating small ripples in the water.

Suddenly I slipped and fell right into the water. It was freezing. I tried to swim to the edge but the water wouldn't give in yet. I fought back. Everything was no longer quiet and peaceful. The water was like a big, angry beast that had been woken up.

Eventually I managed to swim to the side and climb out. I ran inside and burst through the front door and to our  fire. I felt like it was the only thing that could warm me up.  

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  1. Great job, Jack. My favourite line is the one where the leaf drifts down like a helicopter. Love the imagery. Well done.