Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Jumping Off

It was my turn to go. The water looked like it was going to erupt over my head. I didn't want to jump. It looked so far down. It looked like a giant pit of darkness that went on for ever and ever.

 The crowd is cheering for me. 

I moved forward 3 steps. The diving board made a twanging noise. I moved back 3 steps. Suddenly I had the feeling I should jump. But what if I failed? And then I thought... Why don't I just jump and get it over and done with?

 So I took a run up...and then charged forward and ran off the edge of the diving board. I went flying through the air. I was plummeting down at what felt like 1,000 mph.  I saw a fast blur zooming past me. I thought it was a bird and then I hit it...
the end 


  1. Hi Jack. I miss seeing your great writing so is nice to visit your blog and see some! I like the bit about the diving board making a twanging noise!

  2. Hi Jack
    Cool writing I like your detail in your sentences. a few spelling mistakes but other than that your writing is amazing.
    From Esther

  3. Hello Jack.

    Your writing made me feel like I was up on the diving board too...especially when you described the scene using the simile, 'It looked like a giant pit of darkness'. I've been in situations like that myself!

    I did some proofreading for you on this post. Can you notice the difference?

    I look forward to seeing more of your writing on here.

    Whaea Jane